Independent software manufacturer for industrial automation

STRATON AUTOMATION, a subsidiary of COPA-DATA is a global actor in the industrial automation market. With solutions developed specifically for the energy, automotive, pharmaceutical and food markets. The company helps manufacturers to move towards the smart-industries.


STRATON AUTOMATION is the editor of the straton® software designed to cover all areas of Industry and automation control, from small embedded solutions to virtualized logic. Our customers are machine or device manufacturers (OEMs).

Founded in 2002 and subsidiary of the COPA-DATA group, the French company STRATON AUTOMATION is made up of experts who have been working in this field for more than 30 years in order to propose today a complete solution. More than 300 000 licenses have been sold worldwide.


COPA-DATA’s distribution network includes subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France and the Middle East as well as partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA. This network extends our activities to the four corners of the world. No matter where you are located, COPA-DATA is able to meet your needs and make your life as easy as possible with our industrial automation software designed for this purpose.

Our values


We are independent and stand for freedom of decision-making. We achieve this goal through products characterized by a high potential for integration and the autonomous system.


Our products feature innovative functionality, an easy-to-use interface and maximum security. We do our utmost to offer the best products for you and your customers: easy to use, innovative and high-performance.


Characterized by our respect, trust and sincerity. For us, respect is the basis of any relationship, because victory can only be achieved as a team.


“In order to ensure constant growth and positive development, the management is focusing on four main axes around which the quality management system is built. These axes unite all COPA-DATA departments (financial, administrative, marketing, support, development) and ensure the continuity of knowledge and the smooth running of the company.”

Every year we renew our ISO 9001 certification since 2013 in order to assure the quality of our products and services to our customers. (Renewed in 2019)

COPA-DATA France is also certified as a “training organization” by the PLCopen organization, guaranteeing you training courses that comply with the standards and criteria retained by PLCopen.

Employees around the world
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Certified partner companies

The commitment of COPA-DATA’s management is based on 4 pillars: FINANCIAL, CUSTOMERS, OPERATIONAL, HUMAN RESOURCES.

Financial commitment

The financial division is one of the four pillars of quality. It groups commitments at the level of figures representative of the company’s activity. Thus, COPA-DATA is committed to maintaining margin levels, controlling expenses, ensuring financial autonomy and achieving growth.

Commitment to customers

As a fundamental pillar of the quality system, the management has decided to focus its commitments on the relationship between COPA-DATA and its customers, in particular by improving customer satisfaction, building loyalty, developing market share, increasing sales through the group’s subsidiaries, as well as developing within the existing portfolio.

Operational commitment

COPA-DATA is committed to focus its attention on the control of operational processes in order to guarantee quality products and services through the improvement of the offer, the quality of the deliverables, the quality of the delivery but also through innovation.

Commitment to human resources

Finally, COPA-DATA is committed to improving above all the working conditions within the company and the stability of the team by conducting individual interviews, retaining knowledge and integrating new members.
These four pillars of our innovation reflect our desire to improve the quality of our products and services in order to ensure customer satisfaction. They are the main drivers of our growth and the engine of our success.

These four key areas of innovation reflect our desire to improve the quality of our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. They are the main drivers of our growth and the driving force behind our success.

A word from the President of STRATON AUTOMATION


STRATON AUTOMATION builds its development and image on the quality of its services and products.

We focus on advising and supporting companies looking for solutions for their industrial automation projects.  The application of this strategy is reflected in a reactive technical support and a development team in constant search for improvement.

We have proven our expertise in many markets, particularly in the energy sector. Our international presence has also enabled us to adapt to different markets and existing technologies.

All of this is only possible thanks to the passion and motivation of our teams who are fully committed to their missions. Today, thanks to all of us, we can be proud of the road we have travelled and continue to advance towards new challenges.

In my capacity as Managing Director, it is with a particular pleasure that I wish you a good navigation on the straton-PLC website.

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