straton, complete automation software solution for embedded systems

STRATON AUTOMATION offers an efficient solution for all platform manufacturers who want to integrate a PLC function and/or communication protocols into their electronic equipment. The straton software is suitable for all types of hardware and remains compatible for environments with or without operating system.

straton : an automation software dedicated to OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are among the major actors in the industrial automation market. They operate mainly in the automotive, aeronautics, IT or electronic markets. Their main role is to create complete equipment or sub-assemblies for industry.

In order to remain competitive and flexible, they need to invest in versatile and open solutions that keep pace with industry developments.

straton : a software adapted to market requirements

Openness is one of the main assets of the straton solution. Being completely independent of the hardware, it is possible to integrate one or more additional modules at any time.

The straton software also supports a wide range of communication protocols. The list of supported standards is accessible and available from the programming interface (BACnet, CAN, EtherNet/IP, J1939, MODBUS, POWERLINK, PROFINET…).

Simplified integration and enhanced communication

With a memory footprint of only a few kilobytes, the straton runtime can be easily integrated on any type of hardware and thus embodies the most advanced multi-platform programming tool of its generation.

The straton technology has proven itself for almost 20 years with many OEMs (hardware manufacturers). Its openness and simplicity offer exceptional flexibility and reactivity for all users.

The integration is done quickly and simply thanks to the tools provided by STRATON AUTOMATION: a powerful and intuitive editor, an independent and efficient runtime, a development kit for the different supported modules, and a complete and perfectly documented programming tools.

As for the hardware used, here again, straton demonstrates its flexibility by adapting itself as well to small platforms as to industrial PCs with or without operating system. Applications can be easily transferred from one hardware to another and thus accompany the platform in its technical and technological evolution without additional investments/costs related to the porting of applications.

Ergonomic interface adapted to users

Based on the IEC 61131-3 standard which defines the international programming languages FBD, LD, SFC, IL, and ST, the straton editor offers great flexibility in application programming. It is thus possible to choose its programming language and to change it at any time.

The different languages presented being universal standards commonly used by programmers, they are all the more efficient for companies working with foreign countries since they avoid problems related to misunderstanding or compatibility of programs.

Concerning communication, straton supports a wide range of communication protocols that can be implemented at any time using the embedded configuration tools and allows to easily complement an existing product.


  • The Runtime Tool Kit (VMTK), allowing to port straton on any platform
  • Driver development kit (DDK), allowing to integrate third party protocols
  • Redundancy
  • XML Import/Export in TC6 PLC-Open format, allowing to import an application developed with another tool directly into the straton Editor
  • Project automation for deployment
  • Command line interface allowing to do without the Editor for some features
  • Independent extensions ( project debugger, project comparison, independent display of graphics …)
  • Debugging tools that do not require a runtime (OPC UA thin client…)
  • Integrated test tools for monitoring CANopen nodes from the development environment, using a USB/CAN adapter

Customer cases

How straton facilitates product development at Leroy Automation

Based on the optimized commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) IEC 61131-3 STRATON software development workbench, Leroy Automation’s software application development strategy accelerates time-to-market and facilitates further enhancement software evolutions thanks to its PLCopen features

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Jean RUFFIETrain system Applications Expert at Leroy Automation
How straton supports Gimaex in its projects

«Choosing straton has been crucial for this step of our evolution, and the development opportunities it offers encourage us to continue our innovation..»

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Marcel DUMASElectrical and Automation Departement at Gimaex
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