Getting started with straton automation software

straton software PLC


The straton IEC61131-3 software covers all fields of Industry and automation control, from embedded solutions to software PLCs. It is mainly dedicated to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), as well as hardware and software manufacturers.

The IEC61131-3 Editor is an intuitive and powerful development environment to develop your applications as easily and efficiently as possible. The Runtime, with a small memory footprint, takes care of running the application on your equipment, while many other sraton tools allow you to customize it to meet your exact needs.

straton advantages

An intuitive and powerful development environment

Solutions dedicated to your market

Expertise in IEC 61850 and IEC 60870 compatibility and certification of your products

Wide range of communication stacks and drivers supported

Video tutorial

To help you get started with the straton software we have created a video that describes how to create a project as well as a PDF tutorial.

straton software

The straton software consists of a suite of development tools, an integrated editor and an execution engine (Runtime). It is available as a software suite as well as independent software components.


We have specially created a “Getting strated with straton” tutorial to help you get started once the software is installed. This document has been created to allow a user without any knowledge of straton to create a new project, test it and download it on a straton runtime.

To go further

We invite you to visit our product page to learn more about our software as well as our FAQ page which regroups the most recurring technical and generic questions.

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