Flexible and intuitive IEC61131-3 automation platform that makes your life easier


The straton IEC61131-3 software covers all areas of industry and automation control, from embedded solutions to soft PLCs. It is mainly dedicated to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), as well as hardware and software manufacturers.

Presentation of the straton industrial automation software

straton is a versatile automation and data processing environment compliant with IEC61131-3 standard for embedded platforms. The straton software consists of a suite of development tools, an integrated editor and a runtime engine. The suite of tools allows the integration of the straton Runtime to any software platform, independently of the hardware configuration and the operating system.

Applications are deployed in an IEC61131-3 compliant environment. In addition, tools are available for fieldbus configuration, automated configuration and online project diagnostics.

The straton Runtime ensures the processing of the IEC61131-3 application. straton also includes a set of drivers and communication protocols such as Modbus, Profinet, BACnet, CANopen, Powerlink, IEC61850 and IEC60870.

Mainly dedicated for OEMs and manufacturers straton is available as a complete suite or as individual software components. The integration of straton into the zenon software platform from COPA-DATA makes it easy to extend projects from field level to SCADA level at any time.

The straton software can meet many needs.

Manufacturers can thus integrate a PLC core in their cards or hardware, in order to offer more flexibility to their employees for the programming of their equipment.

straton can be integrated in various types of equipment such as: PLCs, intelligent man-machine interfaces (such as dashboards), motor or axis control, RTU (for energy or utilities), embedded systems, production machines.

This concerns small equipment such as on-board computers or industrial equipment (special machines, pump controllers, weighing equipment, variable speed drives).

straton thus responds to the problems of embedded systems, manufacturers of platforms and industrial automation systems as well as those of the utilities sector professionals (production and distribution of water, gas and electricity).

Thanks to its architecture, the straton software meets the market’s need for flexibility by offering a modular solution. Since 2002, the possibility to easily integrate straton components into other architectures has guided the development towards a set of software components that are simple to integrate and has been providing compatibility across versions for almost 20 years.

Our technology allows flexible real-time operation of PLCs according to IEC61131-3 standard, while supporting various high-level languages, including C, C++, MatLab, etc.

Users are no longer confined to a single development environment and can, if they wish, keep their existing code (preservation of Intellectual Property: those parts of code outside the editor will not be visible).

The IEC61131-3 industry standard from the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) defines the main programming languages used by developers to create applications for programmable logic controllers (PLCs):

  • SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  • ST (Structured Text)
  • FBD (Function Block Diagram)
  • LD (Ladder Diagram)

straton includes program editors conforming to the IEC61131-3 standard.

The editors include modern functions for automatic insertion of variables and/or structures, indentation of text languages as well as a comprehensive online help and many other essential tools for the conception of reliable applications.

Simulation and diagnostic tools are also available for application development and acceptance testing.

The straton software also has graphical application editors for the creation of dashboards, debug functions with triggers, breakpoints and step by step, the possibility to visualize variables (oscilloscope) and many logs on the operation of the application.

Configuration tools for communication protocols

The straton solution offers configuration tools for the main communication protocols. These tools for configuration and diagnosis of the protocols allow to set up new means of communication easily.

Your advantages when using straton software

The use of straton for application development offers many advantages.

For OEMs and machine manufacturers, the straton software offers the following advantages:

  • Time saving: many functions are already embedded for the creation of your control applications.
  • Hardware independence: a hardware independent integration offering (beyond the possibility to start developments before having the hardware), a sustainability on the already deployed applications.
  • Flexibility: the straton Runtime natively integrates a large choice of communication protocols ready to use.
  • Development support: straton integrates analysis tools, off-line tests and simulation for efficient developments and diagnosis.
  • Customization: thanks to the straton widgets, you have the possibility to create and/or customize your editor.

The advantages of straton for end users:

  • Flexibility of use: you can use simultaneously the different PLC programming languages defined by the IEC61131-3 standard (SFC, LD, ST, and FBD).
  • Online changes: You can change your programs online without affecting the process.
  • Ergonomics: you have a simple and intuitive environment for programming and configuring your applications.
  • A wide range of tools available: straton includes efficient configuration, commissioning and debugging tools to assist you throughout the development of your projects.
  • Dedicated solutions: straton has complete tool packs dedicated to different markets (for example: the pack dedicated to the energy market).

What our clients say

« Certifying a product range is a big challenge for a company and a step toward the future. Thanks to straton tools and COPA-DATA support, we have passed the certification for this evolution of the standard more serenely. After Edition 1 in 2014, SEPCOS is now certified by DNV GL for the Edition 2, allowing us to provide a complete, secure and adapted solution to our customers. »- André Bouvier - Product Manager at SECHERON
« The B4K+ is a versatile PLC designed to meet the needs of tomorrow's industry. With straton, we provide our customers with fully flexible integration and application customization. »- Christophe MARTIN - Sales Manager Products and Services at R.S.A.I.
« We were already using the straton Runtime as our PLC kernel in our RTU32 Series, and the integration of the IEC61850 took just a few days! »- Ole Borgbjerg - Technical Manager at Brodersen A/S